Where to start can be the toughest choice...

With over 30 years of experience, TechnologyMilestones can assist with services to assist you along the path to meeting regulatory requirements and standards. Services include:

  • Step 1. Help you get started: FREE Scoping Consultation that includes a brief consulting phone call will assist in understanding your requirements to provide a pricing strategy design just for you.

  • Step 2. Develop task list: Provides an in-depth review of your environment, objectives, and documentation and provides a task list for meeting compliance.

  • Step 3. Documentation: Develop the controls, standards, System Security Plan, Incident Response Plan, Contingency Plan, and many others.

  • Step 4. Implementation: Based on the required standards, provide on-site implementation and configuration services.

  • Step 5. Got your 6: Provide any level of support to assist you through the authorization process.

  • Step 6. Continuous Monitoring: Provide continuous monitoring and measurement of the integrity of the controls/standards implemented. Very unique for TechnologyMilestones.

Our pricing is very unique and focused on cost savings. The model is built upon multiple job categories and individual unique costs.

  • For example, You require a physical inventory of your assets, you will pay the industry fee (example only: $44.92/hr) for the inventory task that may only take 2.41 hours.

  • You also require an experienced analyst for controls (example only: $150.43), which time is calculated to the minute.

  • All cost for labor is calculated by the minute that the specific expertise is required, not a single amount that blends all labor categories like most service companies.

This approach allows for very focused cost, providing the customer or the integrator to accomplish certain tasks, save cost and engage TechnologyMilestones to complete some or all of the tasks. We provide any of the services individually or collectively. For example, you already know what needs to be done, you could skip Steps 1 and 2, and we will assist with Step 3.

Whatever works best for you and your budget, works for TechnologyMilestones.

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