Understanding Organizational Knowledge

Organizational knowledge is critical to understand the needs of the customer. Customers purchase items that they need, and organizational knowledge is often acquired through sales makers' experiences or previous employees.

Almost every organization publishes a strategic plan for its investors, Congress, or other interested parties. Access to their strategic plans, outside of those required by the United States Congress, can be a challenge, although attainable. There are several “sources” to get a closer look at the objectives of an organization. They include:

  • Strategic plans

  • Budget projections and plans

  • Newsfeeds

  • Social media

  • Presentations and many others..

Finding the organizations knowledge

Organizational knowledge collection often requires the use of a search engine and the Internet. Start by asking the simple questions; in this example, we will look for data points on how to expand our Health Care Business. Using a search engine: "challenges for Inova care”, the search results produce several articles and information. I have listed a few of those URLs below:

If you are stuck on what the key phrases may be, you can leverage Google keyword planner (ads.google.com) and start exploring potential key. Using the keyword planner from Google, I searched for "challenges in healthcare." From that search, I received 103 keyword ideas. I can then use the 103 keywords to continue my research (see video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfEoSHHoUW8 ).

The amount of information can be overwhelming