Spending too much on your network?

For many enterprise environments, the network represents a substantial cost. In addition to cost, the network is the front-line for security tactics. To remain agile amid an ever-growing security threat, the network must be flexible, responsive, and ready to adjust at a moment’s notice.

Software defined networking, or often referred to as SDN, continues to leverage your existing network infrastructure, although introduces control of the infrastructure via software, called the SDN controller.

In addition to simplifying your network infrastructure, SDN presents the opportunity for an organization to “commoditize” their network gear. The word commoditize in this context refers to the ability an organization has to reduce/eliminate their dependency upon any specific network manufacturer. Leveraging network equipment enabled with OpenFlow, allows an organization to purchase network gear based on functionality and not vendor “lock-in”.

I appreciate that for many environments the network infrastructure is taboo, never to be altered. Although I submit for consideration, the implementation of SDN will drive down operational cost considerably. Reduce your dependency upon a single vendor, and enter into a competitive network manufacturer world, absent of “expensive vendor specific skill sets”, and annual maintenance contracts.

Enhance your security profile SDN by providing the technology and policies to adjust to emerging threats and vulnerabilities. To learn more about SDN, go to: https://goo.gl/ITIaWc for brief YouTube videos.

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