Speaking Tech"ese", in three simple steps

A frequent question I receive, that may help the technical and non-technical communicators in this very technical world we live in: 

What advice would you give to someone who isn't completely confident in their abilities? I've been doing this for a long time, but my confidence doesn't match my resume. When asked certain technical questions I'm worried I might stumble or hesitate since I usually depend on year's worth of notes to work through problems, not just my memory.  What advice do you have? 

My response: 

For me, and everyone has a different approach, is broken into (3) steps: 

#1BE CONFIDENT AND SHIFT WHEN NEEDED: Be confident in all that you have already accomplished and when you get in a tight spot, move the conversation back to an area of strength for you. The amazing thing about technology is that much of it ties together.

#2: SHARE WITH OTHERS: Document your memories and technical acumen through writing posts or creating YouTube videos. For me, when I learn a new topic I always share the knowledge with others. This helps others and cements that experience in my mind.

#3: DO NOT GO TOO DEEP: Avoid diving too deep, as 99% of the time the person you are communicating with most likely would like to stay at a 25,000-50,000-foot level. When you have to go deep, prepare additional notes/presentations that will store many of the often forgotten details.

Hope that helps. At TechnologyMilestones we are fluent in Tech"ese". If you are wondering about a specific topic, do not hesitate to signup for 1 on 1 consulting sessions with our subject matter experts (SMEs). Schedule a meeting time easily at https://www.technologymilestones.com/book-online, some SME meetings are free of charge.

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