IT Modernization

IT Modernization is the new "Cloud" term today, it can be a vague term that means something different to many people. The rate of change within information technology is staggering and increasing; IT modernization will help you prepare for the future. A few IT Modernization strategies:

  • ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE MODERNIZATION: Similar to application rationalization. Are your applications ready for the cloud? Are you using installed applications that are consuming IT resources? Can your applications be consolidated? How do the applications align with your current business? Can I update applications with off-the-shelf software or custom build?

  • ENTERPRISE/IT MODERNIZATION: May be referred to as "Legacy System Modernization". Review the enterprise and desktop environment to meet organizational needs. Look at servers, network, storage, and all hardware and software services for viability and utilization. Can some of the services be migrated to cloud technology?

  • DESKTOP MODERNIZATION: Look closer at the functionality of the applications used in the organization. Is the organization taking full advantage of applications to lower operating cost? Are you using 5% of your spreadsheet or word processor?

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