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Many integrators and service providers struggle with effective means to increase revenue. Often these efforts require investment, organic innovations, and time, all in short supply.

15% CAGR annually for several years, targeting $300 billion by the year 2024

With the introduction of many compliance-focused initiatives, like GDPR (initiated by the European Union), CMMC (expansion of DoD contractor requirements), CCPA (California privacy act) as well as the all-time favorites DFARS (DoD contractor requirements), HIPAA / HEDIS (healthcare requirements), 508 (visually impaired access), PII (protection of personally identifiable information) and others... revenue opportunities are increasing at an alarming rate.

As of May 2018, 50 states have implemented PII protection laws, many with associated penalties for noncompliance.

The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for cybersecurity, interlaced with compliance, continues a yearly growth rate average of 15%, estimating to reach a market of over 300 billion by the year 2024. I appreciate the apprehension when discussing CAGR, although the data is unequivocal for cybersecurity and compliance. Compliance is a large market, with increasing demand and decreasing supply. With the use of ACATEE, integrators, and service providers, perhaps not initially comfortable in the cyber and compliance marketplace, can easily add value to existing and new customers.

The shift has begun, are you positioned to capture the revenue?

Just a few years ago, compliance services were de-marginalized as a “checkbox activity,” with little, if any, impact on revenue generation. As a result, service providers and integrators often viewed “compliance” as minimal revenue generation, and seldom, if any, as long-term, profitable, service engagement.

There is a shift occurring in the industry that is bringing compliance directly in alignment with all types of regulatory requirements, requiring integration, accountability, continuous monitoring, and extended service engagements. The shift in the industry is being driven by the increased legal and financial responsibilities to organizations throughout the globe, both commercial and public. This shift will continue to grow into a future where compliance and regulatory standards/control integrity are the de facto standard in business, defense, and public services.

My business understands technology; how can we provide value without retooling our organization?

A key attribute to your success is specialized technology execution and experience. Regulatory compliance is built upon the implementation and management of standards throughout the environment. The standards, or often referred to as controls, are no different than criteria you are currently using to implement specific technologies for customers. Regulatory requirements may differ from your current implementation of particular technologies, although armed with your skillset within the technology, adaptation is greatly simplified. Policies, baselines, and regulatory compliance is simply the collection of the standards/controls.

Regulatory compliance may extend beyond your specialized technical acumen, although for most regulatory needs, the extended requirements are most likely practices you already have in place. The challenge for most integrators and service providers is that they have not looked at their resources to build compliance solutions, and tend to believe they are unprepared. Leveraging technology, like ACATEE, integrators, and service providers, can create compliance solutions for any market.

The learning curve must be close to zero to be successful, ACATEE delivers. A few ACATEE features:
  • A “simply powerful” interface allows integrators and service providers, as well as their customers, to quickly utilize ACATEE resources, installing in less than 30 minutes, and requiring less than 30 minutes of training. The “simply powerful” approach is unique for an industry often more focused on providing excessive substance and visual enhancements, while delivering increased complexity and cost, with limited results and value.

  • Continuous monitoring and measurement of controls and standard integrity looks at events occurring within the environment and their impact on implemented standards, controls, and policies.

  • Predefined templates with multiple regulatory requirements. The predefined templates allow integrators and service providers to quickly integrate into a customer’s environment, providing a wealth of value with minimal effort.

  • 100% self-contained. ACATEE can run completely isolated from the customer’s environment, creating a 0 risk to current operations while substantially extending visibility into the integrity of the environment.

ACATEE extends to many business verticals and applications, here are a few use cases:
  • Customer monitoring of hundreds of security cameras within a large geographic area. As a security camera is triggered by movement, the camera writes data to a specific location within the environment. ACATEE, continually monitors multiple cameras and other variables, like open gates, motion sensors, and login activity, all as part of a policy within the environment. ACATEE provides cumulative analysis and pattern-based artificial intelligence to extend event/risk visibility to interested parties.

  • FedRAMP/ATO continuous monitoring. FedRAMP/ATO has a well-defined set of controls and compliance requirements. ACATEE receives an event feed from a log aggregator, measures the thousands of events against the established FedRAMP/ATO controls to provide near real-time visibility of the compliance.

  • HEDIS measurements of the quality of service and care provided by physicians, PPOs, and other organizations. HEDIS measurement is directly correlated with the appropriation of federal funds; hence, compliance with the six domains of healthcare is critical to physicians, PPOs, and other healthcare providers. ACATEE understands the 90 measurements associated with HEDIS and provides administrators with their current, near real-time visibility of compliance, protecting substantial Federal funding to their organization.

  • Auditors. Different auditing firms leverage the flexibility of ACATEE to complete on-site interviews, vulnerability, and penetration testing results, the examination of existing event logs from hardware, software, IoT devices, all cumulatively assessed to discover regulatory compliance. The integration of real-time answers to questions that may contribute to risk values associated with events occurring within the environment provides auditors with an indisputable chain of evidence. Following the audit, the auditors provide a task list of needed improvements, leveraging the automation offered by ACATEE.

Gain a competitive advantage and increase revenue with the introduction of innovation and ACATEE. The ACATEE user interface is designed for partner, integrator, and service provider advertising and customization. The artificial intelligence can be decoupled from the user interface, allowing integrators and partners to leverage the strength of the ACATEE AI while providing a completely customized user interface or white label.

Now it’s time to take action. Schedule a free consultation with technology milestones to discuss options and get started capturing the high demand for compliance and continuous monitoring revenue streams.

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