Evaluate your current IT resources

A few questions when evaluating current IT resources OR looking to purchase new IT resources.


  • In the event of a failure, how will we recover the service and data?

  • Where is the backup data being written?

  • How large is the data requirement?

  • What is the mixture of performance computing and storage versus standard performance and storage?


  • Will data be replicated within the data center or to another data center?

  • What are the performance objectives for the server, storage, and network?

  • What are the dependencies in recovery order in the event of a failure?


  • What technology is in place to ensure rapid recovery of the solution?

  • What technology is in place to provide stability of the service within the environment?

  • Is there sensitive data within the environment? If so how is that data being identified?

Fiscal Accountability:

  • Can an existing investment be leveraged?