Detect Cyber Anomalies at a faster rate

The Detection of Anomalies is dependent on the point of comparison, or a collection of standards into a baseline. The impact of a threat, as it relates to the established standards, which is required to determine the presence of anomalies, hinges upon the effects of the two consistent variables in the environment: the standards and the events. You see, standards/controls have been defined and implemented as a point of comparison or a baseline of "what right looks like," and void of that comparison or baseline, we are re‐actively trying to control cyber threat, and frankly losing the fight. A suggested foundation for Detecting Cyber Anomalies is illustrated below in three steps.

ACATEE is designed to understand and prioritize threat as it relates to the integrity of the controls implemented within your environment. Also, ACATEE can provide you with the pre-established templates and tools to build your controls and baselines (Step 1 above), although honestly, so can several other software products. What makes ACATEE unique are Steps 2 and 3 listed in the image.

Focused remediation requires AI-assisted prioritization and understanding of events occurring in the environment, preferrablly as it relates to your baseline or ATO.

All of the events in the environment are important, although, they need to be prioritized. The strength of your cyber strategy is dependent upon prioritization, often defined by the policy or ATO of the system controls that have been established to protect the environment from cyber threats. The days have expired that cyber controls are established for "checkbox" compliance exercises, cyber compliance is the gateway to cyber defense.

The following image represents a data view from ACATEE that has aligned events to specific controls within the environment. Although represented as a single event log (win2008), the AI can ingest hundreds of logs from all of the components within the system (hardware, software, people, location, and process that deliver a service like "email"). Finding anomalies is a data dump that could be thousands of entries is a considerable challenge for a group of human analysts, although an AI like ACATEE can help.

We have to be able to narrow down the list of potential events and controls impacted. The following is an example of a focused output: (the criteria/rules: specific times during the day and specific events (4767 and 513) that occurred).

Now that we know the events and the unhealthy controls, as well as the impact on the established baseline and business objectives, we can get to work.

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