Containers in a Virtual Machine

Containers in a virtual machine allow for the easy adoption of container technologies, while slowly introducing the customer into the new technology with minimal business impact. Illustrated below is an example of an application that leverages PODS, Containers and a Virtual Machine to deliver their solution, very innovative use of container-based technology.

Kubernetes and Docker for XaaS

Kubernetes can provide an XaaS feature, but it can be challenging without using a few tools. The image has an example on how Kubernetes can manage to deploy your application with the distribution of its cluster.

Important Note: The image below shows projects/applications divided equally among the nodes, though this is possible, Kubernetes will not always reserve one node per project, it will spread applications among all nodes according to the resources available and the application requirements.

The example shows three projects (Web Project A, Web Project B and AI Project A) each one of them uses different technologies on their applications, for instance, Web Project A has a Java application and Web Project B a Ruby on Rails