Cloud should not be an operational challenge. A few thoughts that may help...

Cloud technologies often include many facets of the information technology environment, operations, statistical usage, predictive foresight, log aggregation, and many other valuable data points critical to managing your cloud investment. Within a cloud environment, all of these data points, as well as others define the cloud experience.

Terms like: cloud metering, charge-back and show back. All of these terms leverage processes designed to optimize your cloud experience. Some areas that often impact cloud cost and functionality:

  • Time and Energy: cloud technologies require a dedicated metric for usage with in the cloud environment. Whether your organization absorbs these costs directly, or sub organizations contribute to meeting these financial responsibilities. Cloud technologies should provide you with the granularity needed to understand true cost associated with your cloud.

  • Cloud Metering (Charge-back / Show-back): many cloud infrastructures allow the cost visualization to core components with in the computing environment that include: storage capacity, processing and memory utilization. Cloud solutions should provide flexibility to aggregate the data collected from the cloud to help the organization make informed decisions related to utilization and cost benefit.

  • Application Cost: understanding the core costs associated with the cloud infrastructure is important, although most of the services provided within a cloud are dependent upon applications (i.e.: email, file sharing, organizational applications). Cloud solutions should provide the ability to meter and associate application costs with specific services and or users.

Many variables should be considered when thinking about a cloud infrastructure. For additional information, TechnologyMilestones has consulting services designed to assist your organization with building a cloud strategy .

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