Align customer needs to your Solutions

Organizations define their needs often in a request for a quote, request for a price, or request for information solicitations. Throughout the globe, organizations have a formal request process to provide them with services and products. Sometimes buried within those requests are key data points that are defining the needs of the organization. Whether or not you choose to bid on a specific opportunity, the information that can be gleaned from solicitations can be a valuable asset when aligning your offerings to the customer’s needs.

ACATEE RRS ( allows you to create areas of interest or topics, add multiple key phrases, and enables the ACATEE AI to find solicitations that align best with your current offerings, instead of having to look through hundreds of solicitations, ACATEE AI will create a shortlist of solicitations that best match what you sell. This allows you to focus attention on the most profitable opportunities first.

Using AI to find the best solicitations

To start the process is relatively straightforward. Create your own or download a preset template that has topics of interest that may be found within the solicitation. For example, let’s say that your business interest is healthcare. One of your topic areas, as illustrated below, might be HIPAA. Notice the key phrases associated with HIPAA: HIPAA risk assessment, HIPAA security requirements, HIPAA risk management, HIPAA audit, and others. With ACATEE RRS you can have as many topic areas as desired, for example with healthcare, another topic area might include personal health information or PHI.

As the ACATEE AI scans hundreds of solicitations at once, the solicitations that have the most key phrases that aligned to your business offerings will rise to the top. You can then focus on business solicitations that bring you the most value.

In addition, using your defined topics with the associated key phrases, you can also electronically review the solicitation request, with a set of key phrases, and using the same key phrases, review your response to the solicitation. For most solicitations, the key phrases found in the original solicitation should be found in your response as well. The ACATEE RRS will help improve the quality of your solicitation responses, inadvertently increasing your win ratio.

Aligning Solutions

Understanding customer needs is a prerequisite to truly aligning your products to enable the sales motion. The process of discovering customer need involves the definition of key phrases used to describe the challenges found within the customer environment. Think of the key phrases as brief definitions or bullet statements as they relate to the customer's needs.

We have the key phrases associated with customer need, now we need to find how your products satisfy those needs. A great starting point is to make a list of the key phrases that define the customer's need and simply ask the question,

“what product or products meet this specific customer need”?

Several ACATEE RRS customers use the same set of topics and key phrases to also analyze internal product information like white papers, marketing material, etc. In most cases, there is a considerable gap between what is communicated, customer needs, and the relationship between customer needs and available products. For many organizations, this is a primary business growth challenge that can be helped considerably by using technology.

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