A missing "piece" of IT is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a missing piece of the Information Technology (IT) strategy for many organizations.

AI is attainable, and the effectiveness of AI is the AI output. Once we understand the output or results of AI, we can design the AI to fulfill many requirements commonly found within IT. The real strength of an AI is the ability to become smarter with every use, ultimately reducing workload and increasing visibility within our organization. Some key attributes include:

  • Accelerated the review of information

  • Consistent application of rules and standards to the information received for a predictable outcome

  • Repeatable reduction of false positives allowing the AI to become progressively more intelligent

  • Rapid output and flexibility

AI, when applied correctly, can significantly enhance our visibility. As an example, we will establish a set of standards and use AI to evaluate the effectiveness of the standards implemented. A few standards that may be in your environment:

  • Refrigeration Temperature and Tilt Standards (IoT). Critical to operations that provide medication (Doctor, Dentist, Veterinarian...). Using an IoT sensor, temperature and tilt of the refrigerator can be monitored based on a set of standards, and an actuator and alert can be activated.