A missing "piece" of IT is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a missing piece of the Information Technology (IT) strategy for many organizations.

AI is attainable, and the effectiveness of AI is the AI output. Once we understand the output or results of AI, we can design the AI to fulfill many requirements commonly found within IT. The real strength of an AI is the ability to become smarter with every use, ultimately reducing workload and increasing visibility within our organization. Some key attributes include:

  • Accelerated the review of information

  • Consistent application of rules and standards to the information received for a predictable outcome

  • Repeatable reduction of false positives allowing the AI to become progressively more intelligent

  • Rapid output and flexibility

AI, when applied correctly, can significantly enhance our visibility. As an example, we will establish a set of standards and use AI to evaluate the effectiveness of the standards implemented. A few standards that may be in your environment:

  • Refrigeration Temperature and Tilt Standards (IoT). Critical to operations that provide medication (Doctor, Dentist, Veterinarian...). Using an IoT sensor, temperature and tilt of the refrigerator can be monitored based on a set of standards, and an actuator and alert can be activated.

  • Access to sensitive information Standards (IT-Cyber). Access control and Encryption standards may be established. Hardware, software, and operating systems are monitored for any events that threaten the integrity of the standards implemented. Alerts, dashboards, reports, and remediation are possible actions.

  • Regulatory Standards (Compliance). Many organizations have standards (medical, business and government) must be compliant with a set of pre-established standards.

Grouping Standards

To enable visibility of the effectiveness of our standard, we must groups our standards together to form a baseline, sometimes referred to as an Authority to Operate (AT0) and a key element of a system, policy, and compliance activity.


Establishing standards is the first step, although how effective are your standards? How important are accurate temperatures in the Pharmacy? What is the fine if my environment is found to be non-compliant?

Analytics is a close cousin to AI. It is important to remember that AI is “value governed intelligence,” which is somewhat like gravity. You only jump off the diving board once, and gravity takes you to water without you having to jump again. AI is similar as you start the AI with a set of “values” (like the value of gravity) and the AI becomes more efficient over time, self learning, whereas analytics is the processing of rules to perform particular outcomes. Analytics is a very complex topic as well and is often used with AI.

As illustrated, the AI is used to analyze events that may impact standards, auto-generate keywords and key phrases based on historical analytic activities, and reduce the number of false positives found. In other words, AI fine-tunes the analytics process every time it is used, making the solution “smarter” every time it runs.

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